Sunday, November 22, 2015


Like anything in the universe, known or unknown, skirts can either suck or be GREAT! I have culled for you, from the depths of the known universe, (my known universe, anyway,) GREAT SKIRTS.

I know YOU know, but I just want to talk about it, (thank you red wine)- WHY these particular skirts are so great, and well, just exactly how I feel about them.

SO, it was about four or five years ago that I was selling things in my etsy shop and perusing the racks in a huge Goodwill in little ole Brockton, Mass that I kept coming across perfect skirts. These are skirts that were made pre LOW WAIST ERA. (More on that horror in a second.) I felt so happy about them, I thought, I should just open a store called 'The Perfect Skirt.' Because really, these oder skirts that are made to fit at one's natural waist, are just so easy to wear. So flattering and yet so realistic at the same time.

Low waist era skirts really frost my cookies. That's bad. Why? They don't FIT! A skirt is made to be at your natural waist. That way, there it sits and doesn't budge. A skirt without a waist line, a skirt with something more akin to just a hemline but on the top, a skirt made to HANG upon your hips, to me, it's just a mess. Like a nightgown gets all tangled up around your waist at night, this is what such a skirt wants to do. There you go, a-galavanting, and suddenly you look down and this no-waist skirt has completely twisted around and is now backwards. Or, it rides up, soon looking like a very wide belt. I just don't get it, and I hate adjusting my clothes, it's so ungainly, not to mention irritating.

That's why I rejoice in the bounty of pre-low waist skirts. There they sit, flattering you and not moving.

Well, I ahven't opened a skirts-only store, but it is becoming my largest section. PERFECT SKIRTS!
All sizes. Corduroy, velvet, paisley, suede, leather, houndstooth, box pleat, tweed-- I even left some out.  I hope you can find one you like! Enjoy!
All available at EllenTenTen Vintage--> click HERE.

And ps, they're all different sizes, I pinned em on, I'm working on getting different size models :DDD

Saturday, November 7, 2015

what to wear in fall - ellententen vintage style

Ahh, fall is deeply upon us, despite it being in the balmy, nuetral, lovely 60s and even 70s, even here in NYC. Still, the sky is white-grey, and the leaves are flaming yellow.
I love it.
It is my duty, as an October baby and basic bi*ch. I love fall! I'm one of those.
For a long time, especially while living in hot-as-hell (but ever in my soul) New Orleans, I would envision this perfect respite of fall that I'd seen and torn out from a Pottery Barn catalog: a woman on a large deck overlooking a misty lake, the lake surrounded by trees, and the woman surrounded, cocooned, in fact, by a quilt, a steaming mug in her hand.
But actually, we can't just wear a quilt for the next six month. No, no, no. Fall is a wonderful time to feel layered, enrobed, and strut your stuff in boots.
Let's peruse, shall we?


                                                            All available in shop now!


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