Thursday, October 22, 2015

When your boyfriend takes bad pictures of you.

When your boyfriend takes a picture of you, and says it's sooo good, and he shows it to you, and-- it sucks....

I mean....

I mean, is this how you see me? You think I am so ugly, that THIS, horrid picture is a good one? You think this is my best? WHO are you looking at?? It isn't me. I do not look like this. Why have you lowered yourself to be with me, if this is how you see me? My sister would know that this is not a good picture of me. My best friend would, instantly,  know  that this picture is a horrible representation of me! Anyone who knows me, ME, really knows me--and sees me as I am!-- would know that!! But moreover, why can't you take a good picture of me? I don't think you love me. I feel sorry for you if THIS is the woman you love. This picture is horrible; it isn't me. I can see very clearly that you do not know KNOW me, the real me, the deep me, but even the obvious one. Because THAT picture is not me. Delete it! Delete all of your pictures of me! Let me take a selfie and send it to you. That's me. That's much better.

Why don't you ever take pictures of me?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I am really happy to say that the store is open again.
and WHILE I have a lot more things to get up for sale in the store, here are some new things I got for you so far:

Purple metallic ESCADA skinny belt with PUFFY GOLD HEARTS!

Country Music belt-- Love.
PS I am addicted to the show Nashville.

Annnd speaking of shows, remember Fran the Nanny?
I loved her style. This dress reminds me.

This dress is also Fran-tastic, shall we say. Who doesn't need a gold tassle above their bootay?
And add some fabulous made in Italy black leather boots?
Good choice...

Or perhaps swing this awesome bag from your shoulder all fall and winter?

Love that bag.

Anyway, ELLENTENTEN Vintage is BACK, with much more to come, and while you wait, or browse for more here ---> ellententen vintage shop!

Please listen to this fabulous playlist:ellententen vintage playlist!

Enjoy! Buh bye! Go shopping!


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