Monday, November 28, 2011

MOvember. Mustache. Calendar.

MOvember. Mustaches. A mustache-growing charity? A mustache-growing season?
What the hell is all this about, and why do all the young men begin to resemble so many young Mario and Luigis this time o year?


Grow the mustache, represent your manly virility and supple silky upper-lippy talents and abilities, and you can also raise awareness for prostate and other cancers men get. Men growing mustaches are sponsored like walkers in a walk-for-cancer type thing. Women who can grow mustaches, I'm sure you can get in on it.

But what about all the other months of the year? What are mustache lovers to do? Where can they get their fix??

I have the answer...

A mustache calendar... the scintillating mustachioed models here pictured are form such a calendar. Great Christmas, Chunnukah, or Kwanzaa present, birthday, or just everyday gift to let the mustache-lover in your life know-- you know. And you support it.

All profits of the calendar will be donated to Movember. (Read about Movember here: .)

You know you need such testosterone-filled images as the one above hanging in your abode, sending thrills of mustache-vitality through every room-- or perhaps you feel a friend would benefit from such. Get it as a present!
Buy the calendar here!---->>
and feel confident every month of the year that the indeed here to stay :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Curtis Jere

It was a fine day when I found this beauty for my shop... at the very end of a Salvation Army trip, while waiting in line to check out, I spied the sculpture hanging from the second floor home decor section. "Hold on a sec!" I said to my boyfriend, and piled more things in his arms before beelining for the stairs. I'd never even heard of Curtis Jere. But I was happy with my treasure as I joined Jason back in line. "Hey," he said, looking over my prize, "it's even signed...."

Yup, it's a Curtis Jere. The name decided upon by two collaborators in the fifties and sixties, Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels produced art for their company, Artisan House, from 1963 to 1972. They produced bronze and metal owls, flowers, the famous 'raindrops' peice, and abstract peices, and all of their sculptures had that special kind of groovy that the modern day is dying to be injected with.

Could you possibly need some groove in your life? This peice was made in 1966 and, while groovy, also has a more quiet charm. It adds much warmth to a white wall, as well as shape and texture. It can really be the centerpeice of a room.

Way to impress your honey for the holidays-- let him or her come home to find this gleaming on the wall. Or just indulge yourself and spruce up your home by quite a few steps by giving yourself this gift.

Sold here...


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