Monday, August 29, 2011

The Early Sixties, Ellententen Style

Well here's a smorgasbord of really great finds I had the true pleasure of...finding recently. They happen to be all from the early sixties, all in extremely good condition, all my size (*weep*) and all ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Yes, this cache of goods is colorful, wearable, and undeniably just fantastic. A floaty ballerina skirt, an emerald green bombshell dress, two unbelievably flattering suits, one mocha, one bubblegum, a tenderly beautiful navy dress, and a snappy and unique orange frock are among the finds up at the store now or very very soon. Oh yes, and one pair of knock 'em dead, fifties/early sixties stilettos. Good gracious. I wish I could see the life these clothes are about to take on, once bought and shipped!

In any case, I had a lot of fun hunting them down and photographing them, and I hope you all will love them too. To finish up this run of Mad-Men-esque goods, soon I will be also be adding some jewelry of the era and some bold and vivacious hats. See you soon then! Unfortunately I do not know a phrase of 1963 which people said all the time to signal goodbye. In any case-- till next time. :)


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