Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Update

Hello there dears..

Well it's only mid-March but already I wore flip-flops today and daffodils are blooming. Such is the glory of the Earth becoming warmer. With these happy things quickening my step, I put some lovely things in the shop tonight.

For example... the tribal mini above- perfect for those upcoming strolls around your sunny town or city. The cozy angora sweater, dolman sleeved and in perfect overcast-sky grey-- for when it rains and you get to curl up inside and read :)

and then of course I couldn't resist sharing that beautiful, unbelievable cranberry dress with matching velvet jacket...sigh. Someone way back in 1940/50 made this with such care for an upcoming occasion... and now some lucky lady way up (? opposite of way back... lol) in this futuristic year of 2012 will get to wear it. It's still in perfect condition, and, as most tulle-skirted items, very fun to wear.

Well, this is a short post but alas it is 2 am ... again. Enjoy spring!


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